Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My flat is starting to take shape. I bought some picture rails from Crate & Barrel and Larry (my gbf and surrogate husband) came over with his drill and put them up for me. I’m surprised that neither of us sustained any injuries considering how much we were laughing. They look brilliant, just like I’d imagined it, and I had already bought some beautiful lacquered picture frames and had my favourite photos printed in black and white, so I was able to put everything together straight away.

It’s funny because when I was in London, I had no pictures of my friends anywhere and only a couple of my family but here I really need images of the ones I love and miss.

In terms of family pictures, I have the wonderful picture that Laurie & I took of ourselves in Whistler ... a “hold the camera with one arm extended” job which worked so well, neither of us wearing a scrap of makeup – something I wouldn’t normally recommend! – and looking so happy and similar that there is no mistaking we are sisters.
Then a lovely if a little blurry picture of mum & dad that I love because they didn’t know I was taking a picture at the time – they are playfully joking with each other and look so in love.
A great picture of Julien proudly holding an enormous mushroom he found during one of our ritual mushroom picking expeditions in the woods near our family country house.
And too many pictures of friends to be able to go through them all - all of very happy times.

Larry & I then walked over to Central Park to watch the St Patrick’s day parade. It was beautifully covered in snow and it was wonderful to see families sledging on the slopes and I even saw someone skiing! It was cold but crisp and sunny. The parade was fun too – I am told that there will be many more during the year.

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