Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer in March

Well not quite but FM, MT and I were determined to pretend that it was.

Today was admittedly the first mild day of the year after what felt like an eternity of a winter so after meeting for eggs Benedict at the Market Diner in Hell's Kitchen to mop up our collective hangovers (St Patrick's day was yesterday after all), we thought it would be a great idea to pop over to the rooftop of 230 Fifth to enjoy the brilliant sunshine and clement temperature.

What were supposed to be just a couple of glasses turned into many bottles of champagne over the course of several hours. As evening dawned and the temperature dropped, our constant laughter to our own jokes/stories, as well as huddling underneath the heated lamps and under the big, fluffy blankets that the bar helpfully provides, kept us warm and happy. The amazing sunset over the Empire State Building also helped I have to say.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the early arrival of Spring!