Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sangria & Cream Tea

I am amazed and very happy at how quickly I have made friends here. I think it’s partly because a lot of people come & go in New York so groups of friends are very transient and fluid. You become less protective about having distinct groups of friends and not wanting to add new people into the mix. We are also all united somehow by our unconditional love for the place, which seems to help form bonds quicker.

Last weekend I met up with Marion, Joe, Mitsy and Guy and we went to Café Noir in Soho (a weird little French/Spanish place but lovely) and then to a bar. We consumed far too much sangria than should really be allowed – there’s a real pitcher culture here and the drinks are much stronger than in Europe. Much fun was had though.

On Sunday, I met up with Raff & Libs for a proper English cream tea and finger sandwiches at “Tea & Sympathy”, a cute & tiny English tea shop in Greenwich village. The weather was beautiful and New Yorkers were out in mass enjoying it. Saw a guy walking his dog & skateboarding at the same time – now that’s what I call muti-tasking in style!

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