Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Play Me

About a month ago, around 60 pianos were randomly installed in public spaces across the five boroughs as part of an interactive art project called "Play Me, I'm Yours" by Luke Jerram in association with the charity Sing For Hope.

I was lucky enough to come across two of them before the project ended - one (pictured here) was near the entrance of the City Hall park, the other was in Dumbo if I remember correctly.

I played the piano for 6 years when I was a child but I was too shy (and far too out of practice) to dare twinkling the keys in such a public forum! Thankfully, plenty of people were not as self-conscious and the pianos were put to good use -  this blog article has some lovely accounts of how people interacted with the pianos - from impromptu group sing-alongs to solitary serenades ...

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