Thursday, July 22, 2010

Atlantic City!

Well, the "City Fatigue" that I described a few days ago got the better of me and I couldn't even wait until my impending trip to France to get out of New York! So CS, KM and I made the rather last minute decision to go to Atlantic City this weekend.

Based on what I heard about it, if I could describe the worst city in the world for me, Atlantic City would fit that description pretty much perfectly with its plethora of casinos, characterless streets, tacky boardwalk and Jersey Shore cast lookalikes everywhere, complete with fake tan, bulging muscles and brains the size of a (small) pea (I appreciate that this is a vast and probably unfair generalization and I'm sure there are some perfectly normal people there too by the way!).

So why are we going there? It would have never crossed my mind had KM not come up with the idea and she also managed to find the only boutique, non-gaming hotel in AC, The Chelsea, although she really only had me at the words "rooftop pool" and "cocktail service".

I am fully prepared to embrace the tackiness and spend the weekend mostly reading books, swimming and sipping on ice cold Mojitos. Beats a weekend in the stifling heat of the City anyway ;-)

Photo by Ronald C Saari

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