Monday, June 7, 2010

ADD Weekend

I like nothing more than busy weekends running around the City while catching up with lots of friends but sometimes I really overdo it and this weekend was a perfect example of how crazy things can get in a City that tends to breed a very short attention span.

So, the weekend saw me -

Meeting the girls at Schiller's in the Lower East Side on Saturday at 2pm for a quick Mimosa before heading off to a British Expat Pimms themed BBQ on the rooftop of the Delancey. There, we met more girlfriends and my friend PC, who is over from London for a few days, also joined for a couple of hours and a few burgers. In the early evening, I dragged the girls to Spitzer's Corner for just one drink because I wanted to quickly catch up with CB who had texted me earlier that he was there.

From there, we made an inexplicable stop at the Steve Madden shoe store across the street, drunkenly trying on the most ridiculous shoes we could find while singing loudly to the music in the store ... much to the dismay of the sales staff but to our endless amusement. We then hopped in a cab to Ace of Clubs where the Brits Expat group had organized a live music night and we danced along for a few hours until our itchy feet got the better of us again and I suggested that we go to Fat Baby for more dancing. Another friend of mine, SG, met us there at 1am and we finally all left at 3am but not without stopping at a hole in wall for a slice of pizza of course.

Get up with a bad hangover far too early on Sunday and get ready to meet an extended group of friends, including the girls, for FM's leaving brunch at Odeon in Tribeca. Linger and gossip about the night before over Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict. Brave the by now extreme weather conditions (there was a tornado warning in the City) to head out to The Hideaway. Stayed for one drink before deciding that we really wanted to be at Forgione's instead. Drank their Cote De Provence Rose reserve dry by which point having food seemed like a good idea but we were told that the kitchen was closed. Staggered over to Flor Del Sol for tasty tapas before finally jumping into a cab home, absolutely exhausted, at midnight.

2 days. 10 bars/restaurants.

A new record, even for me!


Viv said...

I'm exhausted! Is it Friday yet!? :)

Stephanie said...

Bring on the weekend indeed so I can do it all over again :-)