Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am surprised and incredibly flattered by the comments I have received asking me to keep up with the blog.

Apologies for the recent silence but I am experiencing a bit of (amateur) writer's block after 3 years of documenting my experiences of living in New York.

I hope that this is only temporary and that I will get inspired to share my ongoing adventures in the City again soon!


TED said...

Theres nothing worse than a blank mind. I enjoy the periodical read through your blog, it would be a shame to let it tale off. Try sanpping some pictures, I find that a few well timed pictures help to get my thoughts going.
We had a lot of snow here in the UK and I maganed to get some great pictures
I hope this helps, you have a great blog so it would be a shame if you couldn't keep it up. You have had a couple of votes on The Expat Directory so I can be the only one who enjoys reading about your adventures :)

Anonymous said...

Yes please, don't abandon what seems to me a perfectly honest portrayal of the city that can only be loved or hated and nothing in between

Colin said...

Really enjoy the authenticity of this blog, reading it makes me feel as if I've been to some of these places.

Do keep 'em coming, looking forward to more interesting stuff about New York.

Regards from the opposite side of the planet.