Saturday, August 2, 2008


You know that you have found your local neighbourhood spot when you sit down and the waiter doesn't even ask what you are going to order as he knows already.

Marie and I have made a tradition of going to Barney Greengrass - my favourite Jewish deli, as mentioned before - for breakfast, usually on Saturday mornings. We live 2 blocks away from each other and Barneys is exactly in between, which is deliciously convenient.

As I have been away, we hadn't been there in weeks until today but the waiter welcomed us back with a cheerful "Hello ladies, the usual?".

Sometimes you want to go somewhere where everybody knows your name ... or in this case, where they know your fondness for sesame seeds bagels, Nova scrambled eggs and bottomless coffee!


nibblescribbler said...

As a first time New Yorker, please could I request an accompanied visit to Barney Greengrass....?

And I will be dutifully falling in love with NY as per suggested tour. Tho I am managing to do a fairly good job of it myself already! xx

Stephanie said...

Absolutely Lex :-) Visit to Barneys whenever you want hon!