Saturday, May 26, 2007

You know you’re a New Yorker when …

You do something like this …

Marion & I went to meet Joe and a couple of his friends at a beach in Rye, a 40 minutes train ride from Grand Central. It felt like a mini-adventure but the fun ended when we arrived at the train station in this picturesque and quiet town.

There was an empty taxi stand and not much else. We sat down on the curb, patiently waiting for some kind of yellow car to arrive.

After about 15 minutes, Joe called us wondering what was taking us so long. He couldn’t believe that we couldn’t conceive that, unlike in Manhattan, the chances of a taxi showing up were extremely remote and that they would certainly not be yellow! He advised us to go into a shop and call a car from there ... amused but slightly exasperated that we had both become such New Yorkers!

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